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Please note that complaints about individual dentists should in the first instance be made to the practice or clinic where they work. Each practice will have a complaints procedure a copy of which should be available to you. Your complaint should be acknowledged within 3 working days and should normally be addressed within 10 working days. If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction then please contact your local Health Board for NHS treatment or the Dental Complaints Service for treatment provided privately.

If your complaint is about the Scottish Dental Practice Board then the full procedure for making a complaint can be obtained here.

In summary

- Timescales for making a complaint about SDPB - within 6 months of the subject matter of the complaint occurring or within 6 months of the matter coming to the notice of the complainant. Normally no later than 12 months from the event.

- The SDPB Complaints Officer will carry out a full investigation of the complaint

- The SDPB has 20 working days from the date of receipt of the complaint to provide resolution.

- If the person making the complaint remains dissatisfied then the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman can be asked to review the case