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What is the Scottish Dental Practice Board (SDPB)?

The SDPB is:
• A statutory body constituted by the Scottish Dental Practice Board Regulations 1997 (“The 1997 Regulations”) which were made under the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978.
• A body corporate analogous to a Non-Departmental Public Body. That is to say a body whose decision making process is free from political intervention at Board level but which is accountable to Scottish Ministers through the Scottish Government and in particular the branch with policy responsibility for general dental services.
• A body which has a Chairman, who is a dentist, and seven members appointed by Scottish Ministers, under the 1997 Regulations. Of the seven members, four are dentists and three are lay persons.

Remit and Membership

The SDPB carries out the functions imposed on it by Scottish Ministers under the 1997 Regulations and under the National Health Service (General Dental Services)(Scotland) Regulations 2010 (SI. 2010/208) as amended (“The 2010 Regulations”).

The remit of the Scottish Dental Practice Board.

The role of the SDPB Chairman.

Board membership.


Forthcoming meeting dates:

20 February 2018

15 May 2018

14 August 2018

13 November 2018

Board agendas and minutes

Agendas and minutes of Board meetings from 2012.  Agendas and minutes prior to 2012 are available, on request, from the SDPB Secretary.

Should you require any of the above documentation in another format please contact the SDPB Secretary or 0131 275 7740.