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About the Board

The Scottish Dental Practice Board was constituted on 1 April 1989, previously, called the Scottish Dental Estimates Board.

The change in title accommodated a widening role in which the Board was required to become more aware of the needs of its users and to increase the amount of time it spent evaluating the quality of service provided in the General Dental Service.

On 1 April 1993 the posts of Board chairperson and Director of Practitioner Services Division were separated and the Board's remit became clearly focused on strategic policy issues while the Division concentrated its resources on executive functions, specifically the payment of fees and allowances together with related issues.

The Board remains statutorily responsible for the fees (but not allowances) authorised to dentists by Practitioner Services.

Contact Details

The Chair of the Scottish Dental Practice Board can be contacted through the Secretary:

Miss Anne Ferguson
Secretary, SDPB
Scottish Health Service Centre
Crewe Road South
Edinburgh  EH4 2LF
Tel: 0131 275 7740
Email: Anne Ferguson