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2017 Five Yearly Reviews

Consultants granted an award in the following years; 2013,  2008, 2003 and 1998 are due for review.

2017 Guide for Five Yearly Reviews

SACDA Scoring Guidelines

Current Award Values
(Note the award values have not changed since 2010).

Nominal Roll - run date 11th October 2017

As you may be aware there are a large number of inaccuracies with the Nominal Roll. The Committee would like to reassure consultants that the Secretariat remains in close contact with local SWISS leads regarding the errors that have been identified. Should anyone note that an eligible consultant is missing from the nominal roll, or that details are inaccurate please the Secretariat immediately with the details in order to get the consultant included in the system. Both the Chair and Medical Director would like to reassure everyone that consultants will not be disadvantaged on account of inaccuracies in the Nominal Roll. However to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible, it is important that errors and omissions should be notified to the Secretariat as soon as possible.

Should you require an alternative format for any of the above information please contact the Secretary.