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SACDA's Remit

The Scottish Advisory Committee on Distinction Awards (SACDA) acts on behalf of the Scottish Ministers by taking decisions on which NHS consultants will receive awards and reviewing existing awards on a regular (five-yearly) basis, using a system based on peer review with employer and lay input and the evidence submitted by consultants in their curricula vitae.

SACDA implements the scheme as directed by the Scottish Government. The awards budget has been frozen by the Scottish Government since 2010. No awards have been granted and there has been no progression through the scheme. Existing awards remain subject to review by SACDA.

SACDA Committee Members & Advisers

SACDA members for 2017

SACDA Advisers for 2017

Code of Conduct & Register of Interests

All members of, and advisers to, the Scottish Advisory Committee on Distinction Awards must be familiar with, and have regard to, the provisions of the Code of Conduct. 

SACDA Committee Members must adhere to the Ethical Standards in Public Life etc (Scotland) Act 2000 (Register of Interests) Regulations 2003. To view the Register of Interests please refer to the section on this site entitled FOI(S)A Publication Scheme. Information is listed under Class 1, page 13.

Contact Details:

The SACDA Chair and Medical Director can be contacted:

c/o The SACDA Secretary
Scottish Health Service Centre
Crewe Road South

SACDA Secretary: Gillian Gordon 
Direct Dial: 0131 275 6793

Should you require an alternative format for any of the information please contact the Secretary.