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About the National Appeal Panel

The National Appeal Panel (NAP) considers appeals against decisions taken by Pharmacy Practices Committees (PPCs) in relation to applications for entry to the Pharmaceutical List, or for major relocation of premises from which pharmaceutical services are provided.


Mr J Michael D Graham is a practising solicitor in Glasgow and was appointed Vice Chair of NAP on 7 April 1999. He was Non-Executive Director on the board of West Glasgow Hospitals University NHS Trust for six years. He is part time Chairman of the Appeals Service (Social Security Disability and Housing Benefit Appeals). He was, until recently, a member of Court of Glasgow Caledonian University.

The Chair can be contacted through the NAP Secretariat. 

The National Appeal Panel for Entry to the Pharmaceutical List
Mrs Lorraine Maley
NAP Secretariat
Scottish Health Service Centre
Crewe Road South
Edinburgh EH4 2LF

Telephone: 0131 275 7741
Email: Lorraine Maley