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Equality and Diversity

Published: 21 November 2017

As a Division of NHS National Services Scotland (NSS), we aim to promote equal opportunities, equality, and diversity in the services we provide and for those who work for us. We will challenge unlawful discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, marital status, age, disability, sexuality and faith, and will actively promote Equality & Diversity through:

Assessment – in line with equality legislation, we will carry out impact assessments of new, or changing, policies, operational functions and services, to ensure there is no discrimination.

Training and Development – we provide a variety of training and development activities designed to raise awareness and promote understanding of equality and diversity matters and our obligations.

Policy and Monitoring – we follow the full range of NSS human resource and contracting policies, covering not just our workforce, but also monitoring adherence to E&D legislation and principles by our suppliers and contractors.

More information on Equality & Diversity in NSS can be found at the NSS web site.